Thunderflix is a 100% Metal streaming platform, that celebrates and supports metal bands.

At Thunderflix, we understand the film biz.

But most importantly, we’re metalheads. We appreciate metal in all its shapes and forms. From the headbanging riffs of thrash and death metal to the dark and atmospheric passages of black metal. We are not afraid to raise our swords to Valhalla nor to sign along a symphonic brutal album. Thunderflix: a streaming platform that is 100% metal and works from any mobile device, or your TV. Can you imagine a series that follows the story of your favorite band? Or a documentary based on the artwork of our favorite covers?

That's the type of head-banging
content we're talking about.

We have contracts with major music labels and film distributors. We’re ready to start a new journey and hope that you’ll be there to join us all the way, from the beginning.

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